The Only Person Who Has Decoded The Beale Cipher’s Using The Key To Each One

In mid-2009 I was on a business trip to the North Carolina area.  In the Houston airport, I found a bookstore there in the gate area and began looking at a few books.   Simon Singh’s 1999 book The Code Book caught my eye. I picked it up and began to look at the back cover. A good subject to read on a plane I was thinking.  Read some of it on the way there and read most of the rest on the way back. Just could not make it past the part of the Beale Papers. I began to work the ciphers on a napkin that came with my coffee on the airplane and that was the start of it all.

In about Nov 2014 I cracked the code on the first cipher called number 1. As time passes I have posted many times what I have done, only to be told that there is no possible way to do what I say I have done. I have posted some of what I have found in the decoded ciphers so just in case some other person decodes them everyone can understand that I was the first to do so. I now have some time on my hands with this COVID 19 thing going on. 

In the last few months,  I have been working to get more of the final drafts ready.  I am not a treasure hunter, just the guy who decrypted the cipher. The gold most likely was taken in 1835 in the Virginia Gold Rush by a relative of Thomas Beale. William C. Beale who owned a few gold mining companies in 1835 in Virginia. 

I have been in contact with cryptography experts from all over the World. No one seems to understand that the cipher is not a hoax. Currently,  looking to publish some decoding I have. 

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